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How Hair Transplants Are Being Carried Out Today


Back in the day, follicular unit extractions were performed by hand. These were done by utilizing specially prepared surgical instruments. Given the new, cost effective technologies available today, it is hard to believe that such tools and practices are still being applied. Little did patients know that the cost effectiveness of the advanced neograft hair transplant always has long-term objectives in mind. It is no longer a case, it never needs to be, of hair today, gone tomorrow. Today, hair can be restored naturally and even non-invasively and remain a permanent fixture of the man or woman’s physical appearance.

neograft hair transplant

Original, attractive looks are restored when lost hair is restored. Today, an automated hair transplant device is being used to restore hair. It uses controlled air pressure to slide a graft out smoothly. This procedure does not pull, twist or damage the required graft before its transplantation. Hair today and plenty more hair later on. In the interim, the grafting procedure is being carried out at a far quicker rate than ever before. The device that is used holds all follicular units in a chamber. This prevents them from drying out. Grafts stay fresh and vital up to the time of implantation.

Each individual graft inserted takes hold and thrives. Isn’t it awesome to know that such a quick, non-invasive procedure is completed within days, resulting in positive effects that will last a lifetime. There is no need to tell or explain to your next door neighbor what happened. Just tell her that your hair simply grew back. It looks so natural; no-one is ever going to notice. But someone will notice if this procedure has been attempted by a non-specialist. It requires skills, professionalism and accreditation to restore hair like this.