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Checking on the Medical Conditions of Commercial Shipping Drivers

When you look at the roads all over the country, you are going to find massive amounts of traffic at one time or another, usually every single day. What makes up much of this traffic? It is mostly cars that are the culprits, but commercial trucks take up a good amount of space on the roads as well. They need to be in transit as they deliver all the goods we count on.

dot medical examiners

When you know this is the case, do you ever wonder who watches out for the health of those drivers while they are on the road? Does it ever come up as a concern that truck drivers could get just as drowsy as any other driver? Sure it does. In fact, there are dot medical examiners who do exactly that.

These examiners are not medical doctors or nurses. Actually, they just take a good course on what to look for with a basic medical examination. This is done for commercial drivers on the highways to ascertain if they indeed will have any difficulty staying awake on the road. It will also help to identify any other potential medical problem that could affect driving.

It is important to keep the roads safe in this regard. You may be wondering how it is that a truck driver could be getting so drowsy. Is it because they are using drugs to stay awake and then they stop working? Not at all. Those days are over.

Now, the issue of sleep apnea is actually the real problem. Even though a person gets enough sleep at night, they still do not get enough oxygen due to heavy snoring. This causes one to become drowsy during the next day. As medical examiners note this, doctors can then treat it, keeping the roads safe.